Solar radiation captured on the surface is transferred into the underlying bedrock. A ground source heat pump will recover this heat and transfer it directly to your house. A geothermal system is method of extracting natural heat from the ground that can be used to heat or cool your home or other building. A conventional heating system can be adapted to work with geothermal energy, and works best in conjunction with underfloor heating.

There are two categories of geothermal heating systems: Vertical loop systems and Horizontal loop systems. Fogarty Drilling Ltd specialise in the installation of Vertical Loop Systems.Within the Vertical Collectors there are two distinct categories, open loop and closed loop systems.

Closed Loop System

This closed loop system is installed with one or more deep boreholes, typically 100-130 metres depth. This is the most efficient collector type and is most appropriate where space is limited and can be installed in typical garden areas.

Open Loop System

An open loop system is installed similar to a typical water well. A single borehole is drilled to the required depth and when the water is pumped to surface the heat portion is recovered and the water is disposed of or re-injected back into the ground. A heat pump augments this recovered heat and transfers this heat into your home.

Fogarty Drilling Ltd. using ground protection mats and 100% drill containment can install these systems on your property with minimal disruption.

Using our extensive database of existing boreholes, then Fogarty Drilling Ltd. can advise the most appropriate system for your home to ensure a cost effective heating system.